New Gouache Palette

new gouache palette of bright happy colors

I spent some time last Thursday experimenting with a new gouache palette. The standard palette I use for my Food Holidays project is okay, but I really do want to work with a limited color palette (and hence minimal color mixing) for my other projects. I combed through my collection of gouache tubes and arrived at 9 colors plus two whites (zinc white for creating tints and titanium white for highlights). I’m thinking about adding black or a neutral tint for some dark darks, but I haven’t made up my mind. I made a couple of doodles (in addition to an upcoming wallpaper download) and so far so good! The colors make me, well, happy.

Of the 16 colors I sampled, I settled on the following colors. All by Holbein except Hansa Yellow, by M. Graham:

1. emerald green + zinc white
2. permanent green deep
3. hansa yellow
4. permanent green light
6. brilliant pink + zinc white
7. aqua blue + zinc white
11. flame red + brilliant orange
12. permanent yellow orange + zinc white
16. katsura blue

Cover of a Cover

Apartamento Magazine, cover by Nazario Luque

Don’t worry. I have been true to my word and haven’t purchased any new magazines. Apartmento No.22 was my husband’s purchase, along with the latest issue of Believer during our last visit to Barnes & Noble (yep, he’s a prolific reader. He makes me look bad by reading real books real fast). Between the two magazines, I have not been able to get my eyes off this one. I’m obsessed. Have you seen it in the flesh? If you haven’t please do check it out now. The cover was illustrated by comic artist Nazario Luque with what appears to be pen and watercolor. Isn’t it a beauty?

As usual, I haven’t read any of the articles, but I flipped through it, and have mentally bookmarked several pages I may revisit in the future. In the meantime, here are a few pages from Nazario’s feature:

Following are a few pages from the home tour of Françoise Mouly. Her flat is everything I imagine how a true New Yorker might live.

Me 2018

I turned 45. I figured it would be cool to follow up on a “practice” I started last year, which is to draw a birthday self-portrait. I was a busy bee yesterday, and I didn’t think I’d be able to fit in a portrait-drawing session, but I pulled it off at eight in the evening and all it took was five minutes. Awesome.

My 365-Day Project Rules of Engagement

365 tools

Between yesterday and today, I’ve listened to about half a dozen Kate Bingaman-Burt podcast interviews. She fascinates me so much. I mention her today because in the numerous interviews I’ve heard, she stressed the importance of starting a project with a defined set of rules and restrictions — rules of engagement, if you will. I realize I started the project over a week ago, but hey, better late than never.

These are the rules of engagement for my 365-day project (effective tomorrow, 12/17):

1. Max time: one hour of drawing and watercolor painting daily.
2. If the drawing is incomplete by the end of the hour, scan and post anyway.
3. Continue any unfinished work the following day and share.
4. Tools will be limited to these:

If you’re curious and want to check in on my progress, my 365-day project has a dedicated blog that you can check out here. I imagine my themes will vary. For example, I’m currently drawing the packaging for foods (or rather, fake foods) I used to eat. I’m quickly getting bored with it, so I’m thinking about next moving on to my collection of socks or something. Also, if you’re on a similar journey, please share a link to your work!

ETA. Shortened 365. I stopped my 365 watercolor project and in its place, I’m going to launch another project that involves drawing celebrated food holidays over the year in gouache. To my credit, I did complete 27 out of 365 days. I realize that sounds somewhat silly, as in "What? Only 27 days?” But that’s still 27 days, and here they are:

My New Instax Camera

I love this camera so much, let me count the ways. (1) I love how I can take pictures like a maniac and later choose which ones to print. (2) I also love how I can set it so that it will print every photo I take. (3) I love how I can transfer photos from my computer via an SD Card and print those. (4) I love how I can edit the exposure of each shot. (5) And how I can select a vintage filter if I so choose. (6) And I love love love that the film is affordable, at least a lot more so than Polaroid originals.