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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Katrina. I’m an Internet-bound homebody. I share bits of my day by posting drawings of common objects like the stuff on my desk, the junk in my backpack, my neighbors' pretty flowers, my houseplants, the things I wear, and other collections of everyday things (like groceries).

A little about me: I design cards, stickers, and various stationery goods, and though I don't write much, I have quite a thing for pens and pretty paper. I'm drawn to colors, textiles, and patterns. I collect art books, photos of ordinary things, handmade zines, and graphic design books. I think Pedro Almodóvar is a genius! I live with a sweet Pug by the name of Taco and an alpha Pomeranian by the name of Willie. I really really really want to adopt a black cat someday. I also really really really want to visit Japan for 6 months with my awesome other half. My favorite sartorial things are oversized cardigans and socks with a lot of personality.

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