Andy Boy's Broccoli Rabe Packaging

andy boy broccoli rabe

I watched a few more Skillshare tutorials on how to make repeat patterns in Photoshop. The half-drop repeat is pretty popular and is usually taught via the offset filter. Bari Ackerman’s class is different in that she creates repeats manually with guides and grids. This is awesome because it allows flexibility to mirror certain tiles while giving the design a less rigid and grid-like appearance. I followed Bari’s tutorial to create the repeat above — without mirroring. I wanted to use it, but since I have text in the repeat, I thought the words would look weird backwards and all.

I ate broccoli rabe for the first time this week. I’ve been buying veggies of all kinds in the hopes of fostering a good gut biome. I read that it’s healthy to rotate vegetables daily (our bugs sure are picky). Timing can get tricky though. Variety is great, but freshness is also important. For example, Swiss chard tends to go limp rather quickly. I guess a menu plan would maximize variety and freshness.