Cowboy Boots and Watercolors

cowboy boots in watercolors

As I look through my magazines, I sometimes like to doodle on the side. I used my beloved Grumbacher transparent watercolor palette for these shoes and I’m loving the uneven washes, especially the granulation on the black boots, as well as the dirty washes on the upper right. I didn’t strive for these inconsistencies, by the way. I suppose this is what watercolorist call happy accidents. This feeling has been so elusive, I tell you. After three years of dabbling with watercolors, I’m overcome with the warm and fuzzies. Finally!

Note: I used a 0.3 mechanical pencil to draw the outlines before adding watercolor — this is noteworthy because I’m impatient and usually jump in with paint. Perhaps watercolors lends itself to outlining first???

(Photo reference: InStyle Magazine, September 2018, pg. 186)