Pusheen Et Al

pushed and other doodles

I created a dedicated drawing table where my watercolor and gouache palettes permanently reside. Next to my palettes is a jar of water with lid, my brushes, and of course, my sketchbook. I love this arrangement! Even when time is short, even when I only have 5 or 10 minutes, I have space to draw without need for preparation. So, this is what I’ve doodled in my free time this week. Most of this is nonsense, really, but two things are noteworthy: my adorable Pusheen stuffed unicorn (an advance birthday present from Mr. Lovely) and The Lost Christmas, an AWESOME picture book by B.B. Cronin (ok, ok — children’s book!). I’m not huge on Christmas or the holidays, but I couldn’t pass up this book because the art and wild colors are freakin’ beautiful. Please please please check out this preview video of the book!