Food Holidays 2019

food holidays 2019

I tend to gravitate towards the same object matter when drawing things. So, for the purpose of variety and to inspire me to draw things I normally wouldn’t, I’m going to draw the food holidays this year, primarily those celebrated in the USA, as listed on Wikipedia. These are the rules of engagement for my Food Holidays project, effective today:

1. Daily max time: one hour of drawing.
2. If the drawing is incomplete by the end of the hour, finish it the following day.
3. Continue any unfinished work from the previous day and start the next.
4. Post drawings on this blog once a week on Sundays.
4. Tools will be limited to these guys:

gouache equipment

Umm, that’s it I guess. By the way: Happy 2019!

365 Modifications

ikea cup and twigs

I’m going to modify the rules of engagement for my 365 project. I broke the rules way too many times by changing mediums midstream (from watercolor to gouache) and although these were self-imposed restrictions, breaking them after making such a big deal about the importance of them didn’t feel good, no sir-reee. Also, drawing fake food became all too cumbersome. That’s not to say that I’m going to stop drawing junk food all together — I simply need a cohesive theme that I can sustain for all or most of the year. I’ll repost my new rules of engagement tomorrow.

By the way, these moleskin drawings have nothing to do with the project. They’re just doodles of my coffee and some twigs I found on my walk the other day.

My 365-Day Project Rules of Engagement

365 tools

Between yesterday and today, I’ve listened to about half a dozen Kate Bingaman-Burt podcast interviews. She fascinates me so much. I mention her today because in the numerous interviews I’ve heard, she stressed the importance of starting a project with a defined set of rules and restrictions — rules of engagement, if you will. I realize I started the project over a week ago, but hey, better late than never.

These are the rules of engagement for my 365-day project (effective tomorrow, 12/17):

1. Max time: one hour of drawing and watercolor painting daily.
2. If the drawing is incomplete by the end of the hour, scan and post anyway.
3. Continue any unfinished work the following day and share.
4. Tools will be limited to these:

If you’re curious and want to check in on my progress, my 365-day project has a dedicated blog that you can check out here. I imagine my themes will vary. For example, I’m currently drawing the packaging for foods (or rather, fake foods) I used to eat. I’m quickly getting bored with it, so I’m thinking about next moving on to my collection of socks or something. Also, if you’re on a similar journey, please share a link to your work!

ETA. Shortened 365. I stopped my 365 watercolor project and in its place, I’m going to launch another project that involves drawing celebrated food holidays over the year in gouache. To my credit, I did complete 27 out of 365 days. I realize that sounds somewhat silly, as in "What? Only 27 days?” But that’s still 27 days, and here they are:

365 Project

smith's rosebud salve

I made a pact to paint for an hour everyday for what will become a 365 watercolor project of sorts. If you’re at all curious about my progress, please visit my dedicated 365 blog here! I’m going to kick off the year with an “in-parts” theme where I will draw deconstructed common objects (i.e. beverages, condiments, snacks, cosmetics, etc.).