Rawsome Vegan Cookbook

The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook

When my partner and I ate the same food, he did all the cooking, while I did all the cleaning. This worked out really well for the both of us, for many years, in fact — I ate great, hearty food, day in and day out for fifteen years! Match made in heaven, indeed. But when I changed my diet from keto to vegan, I took over my meal prep. In the beginning I wasn’t worried about taste so much. I only cared that my meals were edible and that I was getting the nutrients I needed. But things changed. In the spirit of experimentation, I’d add little things to my plates, like fine slices of burdock root to my salad (and actually appreciate its subtleties), or try an exotic-to-me vegetable like collard greens — veggies that I’d only seen on cooking shows — and then totally fall head over heels.

I bought The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw at Barnes & Noble last week. My first cookbook! It’s beautifully photographed, and the recipes look simple, which is a huge plus for me. One caveat is that there are a lot of forbidden MM ingredients like corn and grains. I can easily find a substitute or leave them out entirely, so no big deal. I’m happy with my food now, but it’s going to get even more interesting.