Cover of a Cover

Apartamento Magazine, cover by Nazario Luque

Don’t worry. I have been true to my word and haven’t purchased any new magazines. Apartmento No.22 was my husband’s purchase, along with the latest issue of Believer during our last visit to Barnes & Noble (yep, he’s a prolific reader. He makes me look bad by reading real books real fast). Between the two magazines, I have not been able to get my eyes off this one. I’m obsessed. Have you seen it in the flesh? If you haven’t please do check it out now. The cover was illustrated by comic artist Nazario Luque with what appears to be pen and watercolor. Isn’t it a beauty?

As usual, I haven’t read any of the articles, but I flipped through it, and have mentally bookmarked several pages I may revisit in the future. In the meantime, here are a few pages from Nazario’s feature:

Following are a few pages from the home tour of Françoise Mouly. Her flat is everything I imagine how a true New Yorker might live.

Cover of a Cover

bon appétit summer like an italian

I have a ton of magazines that I have yet to read. When I buy these guys, I have every good intention of reading the magazines from cover to cover. But what happens most of the time is that they make their way onto a stack of other magazines that I have yet to read and as life happens, they just sit there. While doing the laundry today, I figured I’d finally start hacking my fat-ass pile of lovely mags.

This issue of Bon Appetit was the travel issue from May 2018. Beautiful food, photos, and writing all around, of course, and before I could even finish the cover story, so inspired by the article, I whipped out my travel palette and water brush and began drawing the cover, and I really like how it turned out. The things I like were all unintended, and I have my water brush to thank for all of it, really.

So, I finished the drawing and I finished the laundry, but as far as finishing the rest of the issue, I forgot about it until now, which leads me to my new resolution:

Until my all of current magazines are read and appreciated, no new magazines!