Food Holidays Week 5

This post was supposed to be for Sunday, February 3. I’m way late, but oh well. That just happens sometimes. In fact, I’ve yet to paint week 6 which was scheduled to post on the 10th! I’ll get caught up in time, I’m sure (or rather — I hope!). Anyhoo, this post celebrates the following food holidays. As usual, I’m going by the Wikipedia for reference, official or not!

January 27 - chocolate cake
February 2 - tater tots
1st Saturday in February - ice cream for breakfast

Food Holidays Week 4

I know, I know, this post is waaaaaay late. Okay, here’s more junk food, admittedly some of my die-hard favorites in what seems to be a previous life.

January 23 - pies (homemade berry pie slices, banana cream pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, whoopi pies, Mc D’s famous apple pie, meat pie, and a Korean chocolate pie with cream filling in fast food packaging)

January 24 - peanut butter (pb and jelly sandwiches, cookies, and peanut butter cups)

Food Holidays Week 3

food holiday strawberry ice cream

Hey hey! Here’s my single food holidays drawing for week #3: strawberry ice cream.

Oh boy. Ice cream. I’ve been dairy-free for almost a month and admittedly, I still have moments when I crave sour cream, cheddar cheese, and you guessed it — ice cream. Strawberry flavor was quite good, but rocky road was by far my favorite.

Food Holidays Week 2

Hello hello! Here’s week #2 for my food holidays project:

January 6 - shortbread
January 9 - cassoulet
January 12 - cheesecake

Notes: Shortbread technically wasn’t on my food holidays reference list. For that day, rather than checking Wikipedia (which I will from now on), I asked Google and it answered with shortbread. Doh. It’s all good though because shortbread was hard to draw, so I got a lot of practice. On January 9, the celebrated food holiday was a cassoulet, a hearty meat dish slow-cooked with sausages, vegetables, and white beans. Sounds divine, no?

Food Holidays Week 1

I’m happy that I actually completed the first 5 days of my food holidays project without time troubles, and I was surprised that it was actually fun. Real real fun in fact! I even have day 6 all done and ready to go, but I’m going to save it for next time. Here are days 1-5:

January 1 - bloody mary cocktail
January 2 - creampuffs
January 3 - chocolate-covered cherries
January 4 - spaghetti (Filipino-style with hotdogs)
January 5 - strawberries (Japan holiday)

Food Holidays 2019

food holidays 2019

I tend to gravitate towards the same object matter when drawing things. So, for the purpose of variety and to inspire me to draw things I normally wouldn’t, I’m going to draw the food holidays this year, primarily those celebrated in the USA, as listed on Wikipedia. These are the rules of engagement for my Food Holidays project, effective today:

1. Daily max time: one hour of drawing.
2. If the drawing is incomplete by the end of the hour, finish it the following day.
3. Continue any unfinished work from the previous day and start the next.
4. Post drawings on this blog once a week on Sundays.
4. Tools will be limited to these guys:

gouache equipment

Umm, that’s it I guess. By the way: Happy 2019!