New Gouache Palette

new gouache palette of bright happy colors

I spent some time last Thursday experimenting with a new gouache palette. The standard palette I use for my Food Holidays project is okay, but I really do want to work with a limited color palette (and hence minimal color mixing) for my other projects. I combed through my collection of gouache tubes and arrived at 9 colors plus two whites (zinc white for creating tints and titanium white for highlights). I’m thinking about adding black or a neutral tint for some dark darks, but I haven’t made up my mind. I made a couple of doodles (in addition to an upcoming wallpaper download) and so far so good! The colors make me, well, happy.

Of the 16 colors I sampled, I settled on the following colors. All by Holbein except Hansa Yellow, by M. Graham:

1. emerald green + zinc white
2. permanent green deep
3. hansa yellow
4. permanent green light
6. brilliant pink + zinc white
7. aqua blue + zinc white
11. flame red + brilliant orange
12. permanent yellow orange + zinc white
16. katsura blue

A Half-Drop Repeat of Sweet Potatoes and Avocados

My plate is full of ideas with little time to execute them. This kinda bums me out, to be honest. If only I could clone myself...

After weeks of feeling overwhelmed, I’ve come to my senses, finally, and I’ve decided to focus by limiting my projects and to devote my time to learning all I can about creating collections of patterns. A couple of weeks ago, I was in the process of learning how to do half-drop repeats in Photoshop. Then, distracted, I started to work on developing new ideas, but today, I picked up where I left off. I re-watched Bari J’s e-course and by using the avocados and sweet potatoes from this post as motifs, I came up with this pattern. I like it! I also started playing around with color indexing to make more color ways, and so far, it’s pretty damn tedious. But still, it would be a good thing to know. Tomorrow, I’m going to experiment with the indexed version by exporting it to Illustrator to see how it handles being converted to vector. We shall see!

PS. I’ve been binge-listening to a new-to-me podcast called Girl Tries Life with absolute vigor. Victoria Smith’s interviews and stress reduction tips are immensely helpful. BIG LOOOOOOOVE.

Cover of a Cover

Apartamento Magazine, cover by Nazario Luque

Don’t worry. I have been true to my word and haven’t purchased any new magazines. Apartmento No.22 was my husband’s purchase, along with the latest issue of Believer during our last visit to Barnes & Noble (yep, he’s a prolific reader. He makes me look bad by reading real books real fast). Between the two magazines, I have not been able to get my eyes off this one. I’m obsessed. Have you seen it in the flesh? If you haven’t please do check it out now. The cover was illustrated by comic artist Nazario Luque with what appears to be pen and watercolor. Isn’t it a beauty?

As usual, I haven’t read any of the articles, but I flipped through it, and have mentally bookmarked several pages I may revisit in the future. In the meantime, here are a few pages from Nazario’s feature:

Following are a few pages from the home tour of Françoise Mouly. Her flat is everything I imagine how a true New Yorker might live.

Food Holidays Week 4

I know, I know, this post is waaaaaay late. Okay, here’s more junk food, admittedly some of my die-hard favorites in what seems to be a previous life.

January 23 - pies (homemade berry pie slices, banana cream pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, whoopi pies, Mc D’s famous apple pie, meat pie, and a Korean chocolate pie with cream filling in fast food packaging)

January 24 - peanut butter (pb and jelly sandwiches, cookies, and peanut butter cups)

Sick Girl Chronicles

sick girl chronicles logo in the making

I started a new blog called Sick Girl Chronicles. Towards the end of 2017, I got sick. My doctors didn’t know how to label my condition but to call it idiopathic. The good news is that I’m on the mend! I was going to share about all this stuff right here on Me Make Marks, but it didn’t feel quite right. I guess it’s because I’ve had blogs where I mixed random topics from front-end web development and programming to graphic design to personal topics like my fashion wishlists and cute puppy pictures. How about pictures of my food and snacks interspersed between tips on HTML? In retrospect, the wide breadth of topics left my readers confused... along with myself. I don’t want to do that this time. So, if you’re at all interested in holistic healing or if you’re going through something similar, please check out Sick Girl Chronicles. Let’s connect!

Anywayz, just so you know, I’m gonna continue blogging here, too. Me Make Marks will always be home.

Food Holidays Week 3

food holiday strawberry ice cream

Hey hey! Here’s my single food holidays drawing for week #3: strawberry ice cream.

Oh boy. Ice cream. I’ve been dairy-free for almost a month and admittedly, I still have moments when I crave sour cream, cheddar cheese, and you guessed it — ice cream. Strawberry flavor was quite good, but rocky road was by far my favorite.

Andy Boy's Broccoli Rabe Packaging

andy boy broccoli rabe

I watched a few more Skillshare tutorials on how to make repeat patterns in Photoshop. The half-drop repeat is pretty popular and is usually taught via the offset filter. Bari Ackerman’s class is different in that she creates repeats manually with guides and grids. This is awesome because it allows flexibility to mirror certain tiles while giving the design a less rigid and grid-like appearance. I followed Bari’s tutorial to create the repeat above — without mirroring. I wanted to use it, but since I have text in the repeat, I thought the words would look weird backwards and all.

I ate broccoli rabe for the first time this week. I’ve been buying veggies of all kinds in the hopes of fostering a good gut biome. I read that it’s healthy to rotate vegetables daily (our bugs sure are picky). Timing can get tricky though. Variety is great, but freshness is also important. For example, Swiss chard tends to go limp rather quickly. I guess a menu plan would maximize variety and freshness.