Expanded Gouache Palette

gouache palette expanded

I expanded my happy hue gouache palette to include a Winsor Newton flesh tone, more greens, some basic earth tones and some gray values. I also added a lot more white, one for each row, in fact. Following this post as a guide, I did my best (best to my knowledge, that is) to only choose colors that were non-toxic. That means there are no cadmiums, chromes, or cobalts. No zinc whites, no naples yellows, no alizarin crimsons, etc. I also made a practice of wearing nitrile gloves when drawing or handling anything that has to do with my paints.

expanded happy palette

This is a great because a recent heavy metals test concluded that my levels of lead, arsenic, and mercury are high — red zone high. I don’t think my art supplies contributed much to my toxicity, by I’m extremely motivated to minimize any contact that is within my control. I think I know why my toxicity levels are severely high, but I’ll share that another time. Lifestyle choices — youth lifestyle choices — were certainly a factor!

In my palette:

Flesh Tint (Winsor Newton)
Orange Lake Light (Winsor Newton)
Flame Red (Holbein)
Geranium (Holbein)
Rose (Holbein)
Brilliant Pink (Holbein)
Linden Green (Winsor Newton)
Permanent Green Light (Holbein)
Sap Green (M. Graham)
Dark Green (Holbein)
Permanent Green Deep (Holbein)
Permanent Green Light (M. Graham - darker than Holbein’s version)
Primary Yellow (Holbein)
Raw Sienna (M. Graham)
Burnt Sienna (M. Graham)
Sepia (Holbein)
Ash Green (Holbein)
Terre Verte (Holbein)
Aqua Blue (Holbein)
Katsura Blue (M. Graham)
Neutral Tint (Schmincke Horadam)
Grey No.3 (Holbein)
Grey No.2 (Holbein)
Grey No.1 (Holbein)
Titanium White (M. Graham)

I love this new palette! I’ve been using it this week to make new stuff. I’m in the process of building my portfolio in gouache and colored pencil for potential editorial work in food and maybe even fashion. I feel silly having just written that, to be honest. But, I also know that the actions of confidence come first, the feelings later. Needless to say, sensations of insecurity and excitement and feelings of potential and promise are coursing through my veins. In the last year and a half, my attention has been totally focused on getting to the bottom of my mysterious physical ailments, and now that I’m healing and detoxing, I can shift my focus to building my career by first building a portfolio (deadline: 5/30). Next, I’m going to submit illustrations to Kitchen Table for possible inclusion in their next issue (deadline: 6/30). Fingers crossed! I’m also going to self-publish a picture book via Ingram Spark and Amazon (deadline: 7/30). I have a lot to do!

P.S. I learned how to make a portable gouache palette from Marianne Moss in her awesome online class, Oh My Gouache!.

P.P.S. I’m no longer using my Royal Talens palette because it has a strong unpleasant smell.