New Gouache Palette

new gouache palette of bright happy colors

I spent some time last Thursday experimenting with a new gouache palette. The standard palette I use for my Food Holidays project is okay, but I really do want to work with a limited color palette (and hence minimal color mixing) for my other projects. I combed through my collection of gouache tubes and arrived at 9 colors plus two whites (zinc white for creating tints and titanium white for highlights). I’m thinking about adding black or a neutral tint for some dark darks, but I haven’t made up my mind. I made a couple of doodles (in addition to an upcoming wallpaper download) and so far so good! The colors make me, well, happy.

Of the 16 colors I sampled, I settled on the following colors. All by Holbein except Hansa Yellow, by M. Graham:

1. emerald green + zinc white
2. permanent green deep
3. hansa yellow
4. permanent green light
6. brilliant pink + zinc white
7. aqua blue + zinc white
11. flame red + brilliant orange
12. permanent yellow orange + zinc white
16. katsura blue