Food Holidays Week 5

This post was supposed to be for Sunday, February 3. I’m way late, but oh well. That just happens sometimes. In fact, I’ve yet to paint week 6 which was scheduled to post on the 10th! I’ll get caught up in time, I’m sure (or rather — I hope!). Anyhoo, this post celebrates the following food holidays. As usual, I’m going by the Wikipedia for reference, official or not!

January 27 - chocolate cake
February 2 - tater tots
1st Saturday in February - ice cream for breakfast

Food Holidays Week 3

food holiday strawberry ice cream

Hey hey! Here’s my single food holidays drawing for week #3: strawberry ice cream.

Oh boy. Ice cream. I’ve been dairy-free for almost a month and admittedly, I still have moments when I crave sour cream, cheddar cheese, and you guessed it — ice cream. Strawberry flavor was quite good, but rocky road was by far my favorite.

Food Holidays Week 1

I’m happy that I actually completed the first 5 days of my food holidays project without time troubles, and I was surprised that it was actually fun. Real real fun in fact! I even have day 6 all done and ready to go, but I’m going to save it for next time. Here are days 1-5:

January 1 - bloody mary cocktail
January 2 - creampuffs
January 3 - chocolate-covered cherries
January 4 - spaghetti (Filipino-style with hotdogs)
January 5 - strawberries (Japan holiday)