Chocolate Hearts

Good Bye Friend No. 1 Chocolate Hearts

Apparently, I'm allergic to a lot of food. My naturopathic doctor ordered an allergy panel for me and the results were shocking. I'm allergic to dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, whole wheat, legumes of all sorts, and vegetables and fruits of many kinds (including bananas and apples). I'm okay now, but I was sad --- so very sad most of this week. Like, what the hell am I supposed to eat now? I've recovered from my pessimism. I feel a lot of gratitude cuz besides being pre-diabetic, this is it --- this is all that's wrong with me. I can totally do this! 

Above is a gouache doodle of one of the very many snacks in my snack drawer. I'm in the process of saying goodbye to my beloved friends with deconstructed portraits.