Eggs and Real Sausages

eggs and real sausages

Breakfasts lately:
- two microwaved eggs (salt and pepper)
- half an almond flour muffin
- real sausages, grass-fed and pasture-raised
- decaf coffee (Peets Major Dickason)

My old ways:
- three-egg-white omelet
  topped with loads of sriracha
- toasted wheat bagel
  with smart balance margarine
  and a tablespoon of fig butter
- tofurky sausages (made of soy)
- real coffee (Peets Santo Domingo)

Blood Sugar Monitor

I take care of myself. 
At least, I thought that's what I was doing.
Cardio five days a week.
Strength training twice a week.
I'm 5'5" and my weight was pretty good, vacillating between 125 to 128 pounds.
Yoga 4 days a week.
I meditate daily.

I take care of myself.
Or so I thought.
Meat is murder.
Seafood-eating vegetarian.
Only tofu, tempeh, whole grains, and soy for me, please.
Strictly low-fat or no fat.

Last November, my body began to do its own thing.
Tingles and numbness in my extremities.
Numbness in my left eye.
Muscle weakness in my legs and arms.
Walking became a chore.
And cardio got to be really haaaaaaaard.
I worried about what was happening to my body.
I couldn't think about anything else.
I couldn't concentrate on my work.
I cried a lot.

My primary care doctor suggested acupuncture.
I switched.
My next doctor urged me to celebrate:
Aren't you happy that you don't have MS?
Yes, but I feel broken.
Can you fix me?
My neurologist called my symptoms idiopathic.
Can anyone help me?
My therapist said that I'm just getting old.
I really respect her.
But she also called me a hypochondriac.
And left me with the serenity prayer.

Courage to change the things I can.

My husband stumbled into Jenny Rule's blog.
She mentioned Dr. Richard Bernstein's book.
We read it.
My symptoms finally have a match!!!
I'm pre-diabetic.
And experiencing the beginnings of diabetic complications.

My highest blood glucose reading was 127.
According to Dr. B, BG over 90 is diabetic.
I'm now following his diabetes solution diet to the teeth.

I take care of myself.
I eat meat.
And I'm eternally grateful for the animals who nourish me.
I switched doctors.
And found two new docs I trust: an M.D. and a naturopath.
My daily intake of carbs is now 32g or less.
Low carb, zero sugar, and high fat only, please.
I'm two weeks into this diet.
My weight is 120.
And feeling the low-carb blues.
But that's ok because my body is healing.

My goal is a BG reading of 83 or lower.
This morning it was 91.