Rainbow Chard

I eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables —- lots of kale, collard greens, and chard. I sauté the leafy greens with olive oil and season with sea salt. I loooove their hearty and crisp texture. These stalks were part of my breakfast today. Look at the colors!! I really couldn’t throw them out without painting them first.

Instax SQ10

common objects instax

I love this camera so much, let me count the ways. (1) I love how I can take pictures like a maniac and later choose which ones to print. (2) I also love how I can set it so that it will print every photo I take. (3) I love how I can transfer photos from my computer via an SD Card and print those. (4) I love how I can edit the exposure of each shot. (5) And how I can select a vintage filter if I so choose. (6) And I love love love that the film is affordable, at least a lot more so than Polaroid originals.


All these shots (except the last one with the houseplants) were originally taken with my iPhone and then transferred to my SQ10 for printing.

Learning inDesign

common objects peaches

I’ve chosen to design my next paper products with inDesign (as opposed to Photoshop). inDesign has been on my bucket list forever, so rather than put it off any longer, I’m going to take this time to learn it. I can’t think of a better incentive to learn inDesign! So I started watching a 10-part ecourse on Skillshare by Martin Perhiniak. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, and I’m enjoying the class a lot.

I painted these peaches wet-on-wet as part of the exercises in Leah Goren’s gouache class.

Letterhead Stationery


I’m seriously considering a Zazzle shop to sell stationery designs. That place overwhelms me so much, you have no idea. But, Zazzle might just be workable if I limit my focus to simple paper goods like this letterhead I experimented with today. I have to say… I really really like it!

Fresh Paint

common objects fresh gouache

I usually paint with reconstituted dried gouache stored in full and half pans in my watercolor tins. I use this setup because it’s portable and all the colors I would possibly want to use are readily available any time. I learned this setup from an eCourse I took a couple of years ago called Oh My Gouache!. It’s a great class — fun and casual and full of tips and tricks.


Inspired by Leah Goren’s gouache class, I used fresh paint from the tubes, mixing colors as I needed them. It felt immensely frustrating at first, but after struggling for a couple of hours, I grew to like it, and I would it even go so far as to say that I enjoyed painting this way! Going forward, I plan to use fresh gouache in my studio and reserve my precious palettes for painting on the go.