Limited Palette

I’m making myself draw images with a limited color palette. The motivation behind this exercise is to create a cohesive collection of stationery goods. So, these sketches were drawn with a pink, a brown, and a red colored colored pencil… and gray if you count the 0.3 mechanical one. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. I thought the exercise would be cumbersome but instead, I had fun. The color constraint was liberating!

Rainbow Chard

I eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables — lots of kale, collard greens, and chard. I sauté the leafy greens in olive oil and season with sea salt. I loooove their hearty and crisp texture. These stalks were the (discarded) parts from breakfast. Look at the colors!! I really couldn’t throw them out without painting them first.

Instax SQ10

instax camera

I love this camera so much, let me count the ways. (1) I love how I can take pictures like a maniac and later choose which ones to print. (2) I also love how I can set it so that it will print every photo I take. (3) I love how I can transfer photos from my computer via an SD Card and print those. (4) I love how I can edit the exposure of each shot. (5) And how I can select a vintage filter if I so choose. (6) And I love love love that the film is affordable, at least a lot more so than Polaroid originals.


All these shots (except the last one with the houseplants) were originally taken with my iPhone and then transferred to my SQ10 for printing.